How to use mkntfs, I get "not a block device"

Perry Hutchison perryh at
Sat Feb 21 06:13:09 UTC 2015

"O'Connor, Daniel" <darius at> wrote:
> > On 3 Feb 2015, at 22:59, Thomas Mueller <mueller6724 at> wrote:
> > I can't format a partition for NTFS with fusefs-ntfs port, using mkntfs.
> > root at amelia:~ # mkntfs /dev/gpt/SeaExp1-03
> > /dev/gpt/SeaExp1-03 is not a block device.
> > Refusing to make a filesystem here!
> The port should really patch this out (IMO) - it doesn't make
> sense on FreeBSD since it doesn't _have_ block devices.

Better yet, patch the port to accept either a block or a char
device and push the fix upstream.  Even Unixen that have both
types normally allow FS to be made on either the block or the
char device.

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