How to use mkntfs, I get "not a block device"

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Thu Feb 5 11:46:24 UTC 2015

> > On 4 Feb 2015, at 20:28, Thomas Mueller <mueller6724 at> wrote:
> >> The port should really patch this out (IMO) - it doesn't make sense on FreeBSD since it doesn't _have_ block devices.
> >> If you pass it the -F flag it should let your format the disk.
> > Should I wait for the bug fix to show in sysutils/fusefs-ntfs, or should I just do
> > mkntfs -F /dev/gpt/SeaExp1-03 ?
> > after kldload fuse .

> Just use -F.
> Note that mkntfs is unrelated to fuse - you can use the NTFS tools without touching FUSE at all - the only time FUSE is involved is when you mount an NTFS volume.

> > I thought I'd seen error messages referring to block devices, or "not a block device" in FreeBSD and NetBSD before.

> They were removed a while ago :)

> Daniel O'Connor

I just did with -F, got the message that Windows won't be able to boot from such a device, then get
Initializing device with zeroes:   0%  (now up to 3% as I type this on other computer.  I can wait, really need to go to bed.)

I wasn't planning to run MS-Windows, and don't know if there is anything else that could boot from NTFS.

Thanks for help!


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