Running ''portmaster ghostscript9-9.06_10'' takes a lot of time

Dave Horsfall dave at
Thu Aug 20 15:17:42 UTC 2015

On Thu, 20 Aug 2015, Henk van Oers wrote:

> [root at mbox /usr/ports/print/ghostscript9]# time date
> Thu Aug 20 13:49:43 CEST 2015
> real    0m0.003s
> user    0m0.003s
> sys     0m0.001s
> [root at mbox /usr/ports/print/ghostscript9]# time make clean


> [root at mbox /usr/ports/print/ghostscript9]# time date
> Thu Aug 20 15:01:46 CEST 2015
> real    0m0.004s
> user    0m0.003s
> sys     0m0.000s

Err, why did you feel the need to time the "date" command?  And as "root"?

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