Running ''portmaster ghostscript9-9.06_10'' takes a lot of time

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Thu Aug 20 07:32:11 UTC 2015

+--On 20 août 2015 08:24:25 +0100 Anton Shterenlikht <mexas at>
|> OTOH I do not want to use ghostscript !
| In my view ghost is a critically important port.
| I will not be able to use FreeBSD productively withouth it.
| Since I have no time or skill to contribute to
| address the slowness problem, I'm happy to put
| up with the extra hour.

I'm not exactly sure what you're all complaining about.  The port just
works fine, it does take a few seconds for make to iterate over all
options, but it's because the port has way too many options.  It's not as
if you're all sitting behind your desk looking at the screen waiting for it
to finish.

Mathieu Arnold
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