Running ''portmaster ghostscript9-9.06_10'' takes a lot of time

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Thu Aug 20 08:38:14 UTC 2015

>From mat at Thu Aug 20 09:33:38 2015
>+--On 20 ao=C3=BBt 2015 08:24:25 +0100 Anton Shterenlikht =
><mexas at>
>|> OTOH I do not want to use ghostscript !
>| In my view ghost is a critically important port.
>| I will not be able to use FreeBSD productively withouth it.
>| Since I have no time or skill to contribute to
>| address the slowness problem, I'm happy to put
>| up with the extra hour.
>I'm not exactly sure what you're all complaining about.  The port just
>works fine, it does take a few seconds for make to iterate over all
>options, but it's because the port has way too many options.  It's not as
>if you're all sitting behind your desk looking at the screen waiting for it
>to finish.

I think something mush have changed recently in ghostscript.
If I run e.g. "portmaster -L", I get quick progress to ghostcript,
where portmaster might pause for over a minute.
Perhaps the number of options increased?

The "extra hour" is an exaggeration on my part,
and I apologise for it.

I haven't built ghostscript from ports for a long time
now, so cannot comment on the build times.


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