lang/mono: Update to

Marcin Cieslak saper at
Tue Aug 11 14:00:39 UTC 2015

On Sun, 9 Aug 2015, Kurt Jaeger wrote:

> Hi!
> > Ok, got that. As Romain is the maintainer of the port, he needs
> > to approve PR 201883
> Technically, after 14 days oe non-action on a PR, the maintainer is
> seen as timed-out for that PR and anyone can commit. This is almost
> the case with that PR.

We have mono@ mailing list, which is the "maintainer". (I'd suggest
moving this thread there).

> There are other issues to consider:
> I used
> grep -Rl '{PORTSDIR}/lang/mono' * > /tmp/mono

We have USES=mono

The mailing list is full of automated complaints about
failing dependencies. There are also human complaints
that monodevelop is old and/or doesn't work.

Not sure what is the official policy but you can
be maintainer *right now* on behalf of mono@

I also would love some help in getting

committed to mono and getting

backported to 4.0.3

as well as help with how to proceed with

futher - maybe by getting mono working with
system iconv and not the GNU one - see


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