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Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sun Aug 9 11:30:50 UTC 2015


> Ok, got that. As Romain is the maintainer of the port, he needs
> to approve PR 201883

Technically, after 14 days oe non-action on a PR, the maintainer is
seen as timed-out for that PR and anyone can commit. This is almost
the case with that PR.

There are other issues to consider:

1) If the port to be updated is a dependency for other ports,
the submitter should probably test if the dependent ports still
build and run with that change and say so in the PR, eg.
"I tested the build of the dependent ports and if they work, see
list attached".

Otherwise the committer has to find the dependent ports, and this
takes time.

I used

grep -Rl '{PORTSDIR}/lang/mono' * > /tmp/mono

on my /usr/ports/ and did not find any port that depends on mono.
This is surprising 8-}

2) If it's an update, provide a changelog entry in the PR.
What happened between the old and the suggested version ?

Otherwise the committer has to find a changelog and this takes time.

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