Synchronising ports with package cluster

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed Apr 15 11:22:27 UTC 2015

On 2015/04/15 12:03, Mike Clarke wrote:
> Many thanks, that provided the essential clue. provides 
> logs for 101amd64-default and 84amd64-default.
> A bit of digging around enabled me to put together the following list:
>   93i386-default
>   101i386-quarterly
>   93amd64-default
>   101amd64-quarterly
>   head-i386-default
>   93i386-quarterly
>   head-amd64-default
>   93amd64-quarterly
>   101i386-default 
>   84i386-default
>   101amd64-default
>   84amd64-default
> Also it looks like the build schedules might have been revised, it looks like 
> 101amd64-default started on Monday.
> I'm now able to synchronise my ports tree with the package repository but 
> can't help wondering if the servers might change again in the future.

The package building cluster recently got an infusion of new hardware.
This means that it should be possible to do several package building
runs in a week from now on.  Plus add support for cross-building for
some other CPU architectures.



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