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A.J. 'Fonz' van Werven freebsd at
Thu Nov 20 13:05:32 UTC 2014

Russell L. Carter wrote:

> I do not love the 2+ hours it takes to build the text/latex-texmf
> port.  I use pkg(8) to maintain a cluster of machines, and I've
> checked the major culprits and I don't see how the latex-texmf
> dependency occurs.  (I don't specify it explicitly.)
> What is the definitive way to figure out how this dependency has got
> itself insinuated into my installed ports?

There is no ports category "text". Nor is there a port called latex-texmf.
You probably mean print/texlive-texmf.

On my system, a quick
$ pkg info -r texlive-texmf
suggests that print/texlive-texmf is a dependency of print/texlive-full
(and by extension of several other TeX ports). However, a quick
$ make -C /usr/ports/print/texlive-base all-depends-list|grep texmf
suggests that print/texlive-base doesn't pull print/texlive-texmf in. So
maybe texlive-base instead of texlive-full is for you.



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