latex-texmf required-by

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Thu Nov 20 03:33:26 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I run all my port builds through poudriere and although I love latex,
I do not love the 2+ hours it takes to build the text/latex-texmf
port.  I use pkg(8) to maintain a cluster of machines, and I've
checked the major culprits and I don't see how the latex-texmf
dependency occurs.  (I don't specify it explicitly.)

What is the definitive way to figure out how this dependency has got
itself insinuated into my installed ports?  I am happy to forgo
documentation, for the most part.



Frankly I was happy with the user maintained (i.e. /opt) texlive-20xx
on linux solution for the last several years, though I have not had to
do any texing lately since I divorced linux and remarried FreeBSD
early this year.  So I don't know if I'll be back to a ports version
sometime in the future.  But at any rate I intend to to investigate
ConTeXt quite a bit when I do need to, especially since firefox has
wonderful pdf support these days, and good lord, have you seen what
org-mode does with recent syntax to support latex these days?  Egads.

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