new dependency for emacs-nox11

Adam McDougall mcdouga9 at
Fri Nov 7 16:37:56 UTC 2014

On 11/07/2014 09:25, Vick Khera wrote:
> Emacs 24.4 update in ports pulls in a new dependency: desktop-file-utils.
> This in turn pulls in a big swath of additional packages including python,
> perl, pcre, glib. I cannot figure out what this utility is supposed to do,
> as all it refers to is "make a desktop". I don't have a desktop on freebsd
> nor do I run gnome.
> I do not understand the need for emacs to have a run-dependeny on this,
> especially the non-x11 version. I have zero desktop systems here (they're
> all servers) and nothing has X11 on it, and have no need for python and
> most cases perl.
> Is there a way that the port could be tweaked so that the desktop utilities
> are not installed when there is no desktop (ie, the nox11 variant)? My goal
> is to have a minimal footprint of software on my servers so I do not have
> to security audit all this extra software.
> Thanks for any info on why this is now included by default.

The emacs port was fixed early this morning for this.  Try updating?

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