new dependency for emacs-nox11

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at
Fri Nov 7 15:27:52 UTC 2014

Vick Khera <vivek at> writes:

> Emacs 24.4 update in ports pulls in a new dependency: desktop-file-utils.
> This in turn pulls in a big swath of additional packages including python,
> perl, pcre, glib.

I don't think so. desktop-file-utils doesn't seem to pull in anything
that isn't already required for emacs (glib being the big one, and
libintl the only other, according to "pkg info"). What makes you say

> Is there a way that the port could be tweaked so that the desktop utilities
> are not installed when there is no desktop (ie, the nox11 variant)? My goal
> is to have a minimal footprint of software on my servers so I do not have
> to security audit all this extra software.

Yes, leaving that out seems fine. However, the footprint seems to be
just a couple of command-line programs totalling 150KB, plus manuals and
an elisp file for an editing mode. I don't currently have an
X-library-free build environment, so unfortunately I can't make a
definitive check on that statement.

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