second call: dns/libidn staging broken

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Thu May 29 03:24:24 UTC 2014

Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-ports-local at> writes:

 >  Looking at the configure output for libidn, I'll guess that you don't
 >  have emacs installed when you try to install libidn, so the configure
 >  script decides not to install the elisp (.el) files, and staging
 >  chokes because it depends more heavily on the plist than the old
 >  port system did.  You can look at the generated config.log to see if
 >  it backs me up on this.

	That explains the symptoms, and (if true) exposes the breakage: I don't 
have emacs installed ... but I do have xemacs.  And yes, they install 
their libraries to different paths.
	I know less than nothing about configure scripts: is there a place 
where a simple fudge would make it work?


			Robert Huff

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