second call: dns/libidn staging broken

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at
Thu May 29 06:29:56 UTC 2014

Robert Huff <roberthuff at> writes:

> Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-ports-local at> writes:
>>  Looking at the configure output for libidn, I'll guess that you don't
>>  have emacs installed when you try to install libidn, so the configure
>>  script decides not to install the elisp (.el) files, and staging
>>  chokes because it depends more heavily on the plist than the old
>>  port system did.  You can look at the generated config.log to see if
>>  it backs me up on this.
> 	That explains the symptoms, and (if true) exposes the
> breakage: I don't have emacs installed ... but I do have xemacs.  And
> yes, they install their libraries to different paths.
> 	I know less than nothing about configure scripts: is there a
> place where a simple fudge would make it work?

I would've expected xemacs should work just as well, but I didn't *try*
it or anything. Definitely check my theory; build (but don't install)
the libidn port, then find config.log in its work directory and look for
some lines "checking if libtool supports shared libraries": if my theory
is right, the answer to that question will be "no."

If that's the case, I already mentioned one "simple fudge": install
editors/emacs instead. You may need xemacs for a particular reason, but
that's pretty rare these days. [Sometimes it seems like most of the
xemacs usage base is made up of people laboring under the mistaken
assumption that the 'x' in its name has something to do with the X
Window System.]

Even easier would be to delete those files from the plist in your local
copy of the port. Unless you *want* those editing modes, in which case a
proper solution would be more difficult as well as more important.

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