mail/courier build failures on newer FreeBSD versions

Milan Obuch freebsd-ports at
Sun May 25 21:38:58 UTC 2014

On Sun, 25 May 2014 23:19:55 +0200
Kurt Jaeger <lists at> wrote:

> Hi!
> > > Do you also plan to upgrade to 0.73. ? With 0.65 we're badly
> > > behind the times, aren't we ?
> > Yes, this upgrade is long due, but it has some issues too.
> What issues does 0.73.1 have ? Is there a list somewhere ?

Well, maybe not issues, but there are new dependencies, so that needs
testing... and I like to keep number of dependencies minimal.

> Frankly, courier looses more and more marketshare, as can be seen on

But it is still relevant - being the second one, even if with some loss
compared to previous year, I think. And I see nothing about smtp here,
only many unknowns... do not confuse courier and courier-imap, as is
often the case even on courier's mauiling lists...

> Which features are available on courier which are not provided
> by other MTAs ?

I can't actually make a comparison. But I like courier being the
complete solution, one package covering all protocols and features
(smtp, pop3, imap, http based webmail, maildrop filtering, mailing list
and some others) and its configuration structure is for me relatively
easy to understand. But that's personal preference, for sure.


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