mail/courier build failures on newer FreeBSD versions

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at
Mon May 26 01:30:06 UTC 2014

Am 25.05.2014 23:19, schrieb Kurt Jaeger:
> Hi!
>>> Do you also plan to upgrade to 0.73. ? With 0.65 we're badly behind
>>> the times, aren't we ?
>> Yes, this upgrade is long due, but it has some issues too.
> What issues does 0.73.1 have ? Is there a list somewhere ?
> Frankly, courier looses more and more marketshare, as can be seen on
> Which features are available on courier which are not provided
> by other MTAs ?

Kurt, we're asking porters to justify why a particular software is
ported.  We also don't normally question the usefulness of a port on its
own or based on surveys either.  So can we please stop this useless
distraction and stop killing the porter's motivation, and instead see to
get the necessary help furnished so the port gets back into good shape?

I'd suggest to let Milan work on the port and tell him the constraints -
for instance, that now staging needs to be addressed first and then the
build-on-10 issue.

Milan, if you could share some of the troubles you're encountering,
people may be able to help you.

Regarding staging, check first,
then see the porter's handbook - especially the section on the USES
features -, and you may also find worth a read, and a current checkout
of /usr/ports/CHANGES.

If there are C++ troubles that involve std::_1 symbols during link time,
the graphics/* ports that I maintain may give some hints to solve them.

Milan, feel free to ask questions, that's what the list is for.  Other
people may have overcome similar challenges that you are facing and be
able to share their findings.

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