port maintainership of alpine?

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Sat May 24 19:43:47 UTC 2014


> My favorite mailer alpine has no port maintainer at the moment. Ports 
> that have no maintainer and/or staging are at risk of being deleted from 
> the portstree, and alpine is a port that I would definitely miss.
> So I was thinking of becoming a port maintainer. Although I'm using 
> FreeBSD for 15 years now, I have no programming experience at all.

Do you have experience building software ? What is your background ?

> So my first question is if it is possible for someone like me to become a 
> maintainer for a port like alpine, or should I learn programming in C 
> first?

Learning 'make' would probably more important to maintain the port.

Given that the latest alpine release was around 2008, it looks like
this software is not maintained even upstream! For this, you will
definitly need C skills.

Given the deadline for non-staged ports, it looks like a tight race.

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