Net-SNMP conflict

Richard Kuhns rjk at
Tue May 20 17:34:19 UTC 2014

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 05/20/14 15:05, Richard Kuhns wrote:
>> Mark Felder wrote:
>>> On 2014-05-20 03:18, Pete Carah wrote:
>>>> PLEASE don't automatically install pkg during the build of ANY other
>>>> package; if this happens in the middle of a portupgrade -a on a system
>>>> without pkgng, the result is not pretty; all packages built after
>>>> net-snmp have a duplicated origin, among other things.  I hope I can
>>>> recover the system since it is supposed to be a production server.
>>>> Yes, I realize I'll have to convert.  However, this forced install
>>>> doesn't convert the database so the pkg database and /var/db/pkg end up
>>>> inconsistent, and I can't tell what is really installed on all of the
>>>> packages that show a duplicated origin.
>>> ports-mgmt/pkg should not be a dependency of any port. Are you saying
>>> this happened? Can you identify which port?
> Actually, pkg(8) being a dependency of something else is OK.  It's
> pkg(8) itself that should not have any dependencies.
>>> _______________________________________________
>> The Makefile for net-mgmt/net-snmp contains this snippet:
>> # pkg-1.2 cannot handle this dependency well.
>> .if !defined(WITH_PKGNG)
>> LIB_DEPENDS=${PORTSDIR}/ports-mgmt/pkg
>> .endif
> net-snmpd uses pkg(8) to extract the list of installed packages.
> To the OP: just having pkg(8) installed out of ports and sitting on your
> drive will not hurt you.  You have to start running it before anything
> (nice or nasty) would happen.
> If you don't want to switch to pkgng just yet, then don't run pkg2ng.
> Similarly don't add 'WITH_PKGNG=yes' to /etc/make.conf (if you're going
> to be compiling your own ports using portmaster(8) or otherwise) and
> don't use pkg(8) to install any packages.  Everything that is pkgng
> aware should be using somewhat more sophisticated tests than just 'is
> /usr/local/sbin/pkg installed' to determine if the system is pkgng-ified
> or not.
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew

So doesn't that mean that the net-snmp port is doing things wrong? If 
pkg *isn't* installed it's pretty safe to say that net-snmpd is not 
going to be able to use pkg(8) to extract the the list of installed 
packages even after listing it as a dependency & therefore installing 
it, right?

Just trying to get clear on what's going on...

	- Richard

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