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Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Sat May 17 10:42:48 UTC 2014

Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> Hi!
>>> Set the PR as an "Update"
>> OOps put it as 'maintainer update' rather than 'update' ... is that
>> wrong or is it as good as?
> It's a maintainer update, if the update was submitted by the current
> maintainer -- or with the intent to change the maintainer and the
> old maintainer already approved that change.
> Have you asked the current maintainer if he's fine if you take over ?

No, and to be honest I probably don't meet the main requirement to take
over (I don't have the free time)

> So, technically, 'update' is correct, 'maintainer-update' is probably not
> correct.

Suggestion: Have a short description (one liner) next to the dropbox as
that is non obvious.  My thought "maintainer update" was it would be an
update sent to the maintainer, where as 'Update' would be an approved
update (ie the reverse of what it actually means)
>> I just linked my URL rather than trying to persuade my browser to 'shar'
>> it...
> That's ok 8-) I'll be on the road the next week, but I'll have
> a look if it's still open at that time.


Michelle Sullivan

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