New/Updated port

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sat May 17 03:33:24 UTC 2014


> > Set the PR as an "Update"
> OOps put it as 'maintainer update' rather than 'update' ... is that
> wrong or is it as good as?

It's a maintainer update, if the update was submitted by the current
maintainer -- or with the intent to change the maintainer and the
old maintainer already approved that change.

Have you asked the current maintainer if he's fine if you take over ?

So, technically, 'update' is correct, 'maintainer-update' is probably not

> I just linked my URL rather than trying to persuade my browser to 'shar'
> it...

That's ok 8-) I'll be on the road the next week, but I'll have
a look if it's still open at that time.

pi at            +49 171 3101372                         6 years to go !

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