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Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Sat May 17 02:19:15 UTC 2014

Kevin Oberman wrote:
> I think the answers to all of this arre found in the  Porter's Handbook.
> Submit a PR (using either the send-pr command or the web page
> (
> Set the PR as an "Update"

OOps put it as 'maintainer update' rather than 'update' ... is that
wrong or is it as good as?

> Make the subject one that makes it clear that the PR is an update to a
> new version of the port
> The format of the content of the "fix" depends on its size. The
> Porter's Handbook discusses this.

I just linked my URL rather than trying to persuade my browser to 'shar'
> If the maintainer does not respond in a couple of weeks, you might
> want to raise the topic on ports, but ports committers are seriously
> backlogged, so, even if the maintainer approves the fix (or a modified
> version of it), it may take a while to get it committed. (Maintainers
> generally are NOT committers.)
No worries, thanks for the pointer.


Michelle Sullivan

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