Standard procedures for var directory

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon May 12 05:52:19 UTC 2014

On 11/05/2014 21:56, Muhammad Moinur Rahman wrote:
> What's the standard procedure for creating files or folders after
> installation? pkg-install/pkg-deinstall or @exec/@unexec?

Right now, what the standard should be is unclear.  @exec/@unexec is
apparently slated for removal -- but does that apply to all uses or just
standard actions like handling config files which have recently grown
their own @escapes?  There is no target date for when @exec/@unexec
might disappear and there's a lot of prior-art around the ports tree still.

pkg-install/pkg-deinstall is supported, but seems a bit heavy-weight for
a lot of the common use cases.

A third alternative, where applicable, is to test for and set up any
necessary directory structures (presumably under /var) from a rc script.

Files should always be created from the pkg plist, even if they are just
empty.  There is a change coming which will allow directories to be
treated pretty much exactly the same as regular files or sym-links --
but this depends on the last vestiges of pkg_tools support being purged
from the tree.



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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