devel/binutils and devel/gnulibiberty version mismatch

Geoff Speicher geoff at
Wed May 7 16:34:54 UTC 2014

devel/binutils is at version 2.24, and as of 16-Dec-2013 no longer installs
libiberty [1], but does install libbfd, which gets linked against the copy
of libiberty (v2.24) in the build tree.

To link an application against libbfd from devel/binutils, one must install
devel/gnulibiberty to resolve the missing symbols, but that port uses
libiberty from binutils v2.19.1 which doesn't contain all the symbols from
v2.24 (e.g. filename_ncmp at a minimum).

There is a separate devel/libbfd port that matches the version in
devel/gnulibiberty but if your port requires ${LOCALBASE}/libbfd.a and
devel/gnulibiberty as build dependencies, and you already have
devel/binutils installed, then your port will fail when linking.

Should I just mark the port as conflicting with devel/binutils or is there
a better workaround for this?


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