Port Request: Mono Moonlight

Vincent Hoffman vince at unsane.co.uk
Fri Mar 28 11:36:08 UTC 2014

Sorry for top posting but...
has the following information on Netflix

Silverlight 2 supports Microsoft /PlayReady/ Digital Rights Management
(DRM). This is the DRM solution being used by Netflix's "Watch
Instantly" service for streaming movies to PC (Windows-only) and Mac

Status: *unsupported*


And a quick google seems to indicate that the only way to watch netflix
on Linux is wine or a VM. So you'd have to look at one of those as a


On 28/03/2014 10:46, Paul Pathiakis wrote:
> Here's a big part of honesty.... I'm a senior systems architect.  I'm building a company and hope to go live soon, after two years of developing product and infrastructure.  I do this when not contracting/consulting.  
> I really don't have the time. :-(  Besides, haven't coded outside of scripting in quite a while.  
> If the company is a success, I plan on having it financing a lot of projects. :-)
> Once I retire (less than 15 years.... yeah, I'm old), I plan on spending a lot of free time working for FreeBSD/ports/documentation. :-)
> P.
> On Friday, March 28, 2014 6:23 AM, John Marino <freebsd.contact at marino.st> wrote:
> On 3/27/2014 11:35, Paul Pathiakis wrote:
>> Thank you, Anton. I'm now enlightened. I guess my main request for a
>> port is the ability to watch Netflix.  Yes, I know Silverlight is
>> dead, however, this hasn't stopped Netflix from it's continued use.
>> :-) I didn't know how to request a port that plays Netflix video.
>> ;-)
> I guess the first step to do that is identify the software that does
> this, and make a request that this software be added to ports.
> To improve your chances greatly of succeeding, you should attempt to
> write the port makefiles for that software and submit it via PR.  People
> are more likely to take a good base and make corrections than start from
> scratch.
> John
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