Few reasons to stay with BSD

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 20:07:11 UTC 2014

FreeBSD is still much better,

until 7.X there was pkg_*  for a system with few
packages ( less than 100) it worked. but
as the system goes beyound 1000 packages, pkg_* becomes
very slow, and broken.

pkg, solved the problem, of working with freebsd if you work
WITH pkg, and not against.

See my case, for example, I have hundreds of users, that runs
8.X, 9.X and now 10.X. all of them uses gnome 2.32 and software
written from gtk2, glade2, python2....  The system have more than
1000 packages, last count shows 1032.. and are updated once a 
week, everything works..   Some of them uses windows software
that now runs on Virtualbox under FreeBSD.

I have my OWN server (indeed, 2) for 9.X and 10.X, and all the other
do is pkg upgrade -y  sometimes they update about 1GB (in the case of
libconv, for example)
and everything works as expected.. 

If I used pkg_*  plus portupgrade or portmaster in each server, that
woud be 
impossible to mantain..  pkg really made FreeBSD usable  for hundreds of

I have some linux on notebooks, that now the FreeBSD have KMS, are
moved to FreeBSD too.
On the notebooks (using archlinux), kernel 3.12.3 the notebooks must
have a
"cold start"  from time to time (once a day), if not, the disk access
becomes too slow
to the point it is useless.. so a cold start resolv the problem..
besides, the software layout
that is now all in /usr/bin, the inittab is now systemd, the syslog is
journal... and the
file system is still ext4, as zfs for inux is not for production yet.. 

Today, as the machines are powerfull,  you can buy an 32 core system
1TB of memory, 12TB of disk for less than US$10,000.  What you will
Install windows 8??  no way, windows 2012??? microsoft says it is
2008??? perhaps, 2003?? phased out..

how many users will you put in an Microsoft OS??  at what price???

A FreeBSD server running several windows 2008, can handle 200 users (20
users per OS)
using Virtualbox and ISCSI.  Never stops, never breaks, you can buy ONE
windows 2008 and
install the other 99 by cloning the machine.  Here the EULA says I must
use ONE windows 2008
licence in ONE machine,  does not mention what to do if I  Activate 100
time the SAME image of  an OVA.  or VHD.
(the same for windows 2012). 

Linux is good???  for sure!!, but FreeBSD+ZFS is better..

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