reason 23 why we've moved to linux

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Mar 22 18:12:36 UTC 2014

from another team member, also a long time freebsd user of decades

    firefox build bombs because something has hardwired gcc47, which is
    not installed, so firefox's ./configure bombs testing hello world.

    Attempting to figure out what has hardwired gcc47 quickly leads down
    an entire separate /usr/ports/Mk/ file full of the usual garbage, none
    of which actually says gcc47.   Presumably it is somehow inheriting
    from /usr/ports/lang/gcc's version (as opposed to
    /usr/port/lang/gcc4[69] -- this machine happens to have gcc46

    This is as far as I got before giving up in disgust.  Maybe they'll
    sort it out by the time I care.  Or maybe I'll wipe and Ubuntu.

essentially, from a user perspective, the ports have become kiddieville,
with no testing or seeming adult supervision.  if you're just trying to
get your work done, freebsd ports have become toxic.


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