reason 23 why we've moved to linux

Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Tue Mar 18 19:35:12 UTC 2014

On 3/18/14, 9:56 AM, Randy Bush wrote:
>> Ugh, that's a mess, I haven't seen that personally, but I just tend to
>> pull from git, although that takes a long time.
>> Using git lets me keep local changes easily.
>> The other option that works is just using portsnap.  I think "portsnap
>> auto" or "portsnap alfred" should work for getting your the sources.
>> The other option would be just try a fresh checkout against
>> instead of
>> bummer!
>> lastly, just using "pkg(1)" works really nicely, if you're tired of
>> dealing with port updates via source, then just try using pkg(1), it's
>> basically just as nice as using "apt-get" these days, pretty nice stuff.
> alfred,
> i know you mean well, but svn is legit and we have been using it until
> the kiddies came over to freebsd from linux.  now that they left linux,
> debian and ubuntu are quite usable, pretty stable, and the ports/package
> system makes freebsd's look horrifying.  i am tired of dependency hell.
> i am tired of package management du jour.  i have real work to do and
> even an attempt at a real life.
> i have been a bsd user since 4.whatever on the vax.  it is no longer
> defensible in any situaion other than personal religion.  and it's the
> ongoing ports disaster that has killed a really great system.  sad.
> randy
I see what you're getting at, however I see a different picture with 
FreeBSD moving forward at a quick pace to close the gap in package 
management between itself and the Linux distros.

I myself was initially upset, however as the changes have kept coming I 
am more and more impressed and thrilled with the effort put in.  The 
changes by the ports+pkgng team have really come together to make a 
great product.

I think we can agree that the past 6 months have been interesting and 
challenging, however more importantly they have been necessary growing 
pains that we have just now passed.

If you want to vent, great, I hear you, but let's be honest about the 
state of things and not conflate with some weird transient issue with 
svn with the project coming apart at the seams, that would just be 
hyperbolic and not serve us any purpose.


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