[CFT] Replace Fedora 10 with CentOS 6.5 as Base Linux distro.

Henry Hu henry.hu.sh at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 20:33:38 UTC 2014


On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 8:16 AM, Johannes Meixner <xmj at chaot.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been working on replacing the base linux distribution (currently
> rusty old
> Fedora 10) with CentOS 6.5, likewise for about two dozen non-base ports -
> mostly
> requirements of either net-im/skype4 or www/linux-c6-flashplugin11.
> I mentioned that before on the -emulation@ mailinglist and got very
> helpful
> feedback.
> As I've run out of issues to fix and would like to reach a wider audience
> for
> these ports, I'd appreciate if you could help me test it some more.
> To do that, you can either:
> * download the txz from http://xmj.me/freebsd/linux-ports.txz
> * download the diff from http://xmj.me/freebsd/linux-ports.diff.xz
> * clone my git repo; https://github.com/xmj/linux-ports/ (preferred)
> and copy/apply them to your portstree.
> In order to get either Skype or Flash running, you can follow the
> instructions listed on
> https://github.com/xmj/linux-ports/blob/master/README.md
> I hope they're by now sufficient to allow you to follow them "blindly". If
> not,
> I appreciate feedback here on the mailing list as well as Issues/Pull
> requests.
> Best regards and have fun testing,

Thanks for your hard work.

I tried from the git repo. I tested Flash and Skype4.
For flash, it works. Video and audio playback both work.
For skype4, it works. Video capture, audio playback and audio recording

By the way, I found that I need to modify the oss config file for audio to
I need to change pcm.oss and ctl.oss to pcm.!default and oss.!default.
Else, aplay -D oss <file> works, but aplay <file> does not work.

Because my headphone corresponds to /dev/dsp1 and my internal speaker &
microphone corresponds to /dev/dsp0, and my default sound unit is 1, I have
to add another section into asound.conf for recording to work:

pcm.internal {
    type oss
    device /dev/dsp0
    hint {
        description "Open Sound System (internal)"

ctl.internal {
    type oss
    device /dev/mixer0
    hint {
        description "Open Sound System (internal)"

And select "Open Sound System (internal)" in skype for recording.
Hope this helps.

> Johannes
> --
> xmj at chaot.net
> http://xmj.me


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