[CFT] Replace Fedora 10 with CentOS 6.5 as Base Linux distro.

Johannes Meixner xmj at chaot.net
Wed Mar 12 06:39:26 UTC 2014

As of commit cdccbd0, the https://github.com/xmj/linux-ports/ github repository
as well as the respective txz and diff.xz linked earlier in this thread contain a 
full copy of every working Linux application that in some way or other used 
depends on Linux RPMs and Apps.

Now with my repo defaulting to CentOS 6.5, that lead to me porting a whole lot
of CentOS 6.5 non-base ports, a few of which coming from the EPEL (Extra Packages
for Enterprise Linux) repository (a list of which can be obtained from commit
logs if deemed necessary).

As a result of doing this, all available Linux Software should work by default.
The new ones include goodies such as Matlab, Google Earth, Thunderbird, Seeamonkely, 
all id software games (Quake 3, Quake 4, Doom 3 and Enemy Territory) as well as the 
Unreal / Unreal Tournament series (Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament, UT2003/2004 Demo, 
utserver) and last but not least acroread8/9.

That being said, I can't possibly test all of them and need your help. When it
comes to games you own, please install my CentOS base and try running the games.
Likewise for any other software that's in the tree and uses Linux!

It should work, and if you find bugs, I'd hope if you could report them as
issues on github.

Best regards,
Johannes Meixner

xmj at chaot.net
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