What is the problem with ports PR reaction delays?

Jim Ohlstein jim at ohlste.in
Sun Jan 26 04:16:37 UTC 2014


On 1/25/14, 10:33 PM, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
>     I like the KISS approach myself. This can be boiled down to those
>     two issues, one of which is a symptom of the other. Arguing and
>     debating over a long term solution to the OP's question does nothing
>     to solve the problem in the short to intermediate term. There are
>     1680 current ports related PR's at this moment.
> The reason for the whole tangent was the observation that large number
> of the pending PR's are likely to fail one or more *BASIC*  tests and
> setting stuff up to run those tests is trivial (like I said I voluneteer
> to do it)... the other main thread there was that some of the *IDEAS* of
> SCM can borrowed and incorporated into manual procedures (such as
> requiring a successful build before a human will look at it) the other
> one is a more formalized workflow such as the one that aegis
> enforces.... if just the first is done I think half the PR's can be
> cleared out immediately and if both then 80% can be cleared out within a
> few weeks

None of those *IDEAS* solve the current problem. The personal argument 
solves less than nothing. Debate is cool. Telling people they don't know 
anything is not.

Your statement looks to be pure supposition to me. On 
the vast majority of them are not color coded beyond white which simply 
means "open". Many have not even been assigned. Only a comparatively 
small number are "analyzed", "[awaiting] feedback", "patched", 
"suspended", or "closed". In other words no one knows how many will 
fail. The ones that are a decade old probably will. Those from the last 
few months, the majority, are anyone's guess since they haven't even 
been reviewed. That is unless you have some hard data to back up your 
claim about those percentages.

As for changing the "workflow", again, that's not a short-term solution, 
and probably not even a medium-term answer. The answer is to get them 
looked at and stop having a pissing contest over who knows more and who 
knows less. *THAT* solves nothing.

Peace out.

Jim Ohlstein

"Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the 
difference." - Mark Twain

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