Blanket approval to modernize the Ports Tree

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at
Tue Jan 21 14:47:45 UTC 2014

FreeBSD Ports Management Team Secretary <portmgr-secretary at> wrote:

> In years gone by, and I am thinking of FreeBSD 7.0 specifically, portmgr@
> gave some latitude to *ALL* committers to "just fix things" to get a port
> into shape.  In the case of 7.0, it was making ports build for gcc4.
> What we have laying ahead of us is a ports tree in various states of modern
> preparedness (new style USES=, stagefication, etc) and the old way of doing
> ports (boo!).
> We would like committers, and contributors to generate a PR and/or "just
> fix" the old ports to update them to the new way of doing things regardless
> of maintainership.  We are looking for fixes in the following areas
> - Convert to LIB_DEPENDS
> - stagify ports
> - convert things like USE_GMAKE -> USES=gmake USE_DOS2unix -> USES=dos2unix
>   etc.

I noticed a couple of commits that add LICENSE statements without
mentioning maintainer approval in the commit log.

Could you please clarify if that's covered by "etc."?

I was under the impression that the LICENSE "framework" was still
optional and I'm currently intentionally not using it. IMHO it isn't
properly documented and especially the legal aspects aren't clear.

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