Blanket approval to modernize the Ports Tree

Melvyn Sopacua melvyn at
Wed Jan 15 19:43:07 UTC 2014

On Tue, 7 Jan 2014, FreeBSD Ports Management Team Secretary wrote:

> This can be done with implicit portmgr@ blanket approval, and without
> maintainer approval.
> Please, however, respect some boundaries, do not change ports belonging to
> kde@, gnome@ or x11 at .  These teams work in private repos that may have
> changes pending.

I've had an update for www/magento sent a few months back, which landed
in spam. Replied to the bugbuster address and never saw any follow up.
Work then took a lot of a time, so I didn't chase this down.

Please note however, that I'm working on the upgrade, which will
convert to stage in the process. As a precaution, I'll put a link up to
the patch, rather then add it to the mail as an attachment. It will be
rather big, cause of the conversion to a pkg-plist.

In short, hands off please, it's being worked on.

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