FreeBSD Port: abills-0.54

Maxim Sirenko maxim at
Thu Jan 16 07:57:08 UTC 2014

Hi all!

I highly appreciate the feedback I received on this topic!
I couldn't even expect it!
As regards "abills" -- there are no such changes between 0.54 & 0.55 
that could break the port.
Abills -- is a perl_rlm freeradius module and several perl scripts, so 
for persons who know ports it should be easy to update it.
And it would be nice to build pkg so in 10.0 one could install it with 
pkg utility.


16.01.2014 2:24, Lowell Gilbert пишет:
> Maxim Sirenko <maxim at> writes:
>> I can't do that -- not enough knowledge & experience.
> This one's pretty easy; nothing seems to need to be changed except for
> the version number. Go into the Makefile, change "0.54" to "0.55" and
> then do "make makesum" before doing "make install".
> I can't be positive it works, because I didn't test it heavily, but it
> definitely builds.
>> I thought the author maintains the port.
> Well, no; most ports are programs that run on many different operating
> systems. In some cases, the author hasn't even *heard* of FreeBSD.
> Ports may have a maintainer, who takes care of keeping it up to date and
> building, but abills doesn't have one. On the other hand, it doesn't
> seem to need a lot of maintenance.
> I would put in a PR to update it, but if it's going to be modified, it
> ought to be changed to handle the new "staging" infrastructure, and I
> don't have time to learn how to do that at the moment.

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