FreeBSD Port: abills-0.54

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at
Thu Jan 16 00:24:51 UTC 2014

Maxim Sirenko <maxim at> writes:

> I can't do that -- not enough knowledge & experience.

This one's pretty easy; nothing seems to need to be changed except for
the version number. Go into the Makefile, change "0.54" to "0.55" and
then do "make makesum" before doing "make install".

I can't be positive it works, because I didn't test it heavily, but it
definitely builds.

> I thought the author maintains the port.

Well, no; most ports are programs that run on many different operating
systems. In some cases, the author hasn't even *heard* of FreeBSD.
Ports may have a maintainer, who takes care of keeping it up to date and
building, but abills doesn't have one. On the other hand, it doesn't
seem to need a lot of maintenance.

I would put in a PR to update it, but if it's going to be modified, it
ought to be changed to handle the new "staging" infrastructure, and I
don't have time to learn how to do that at the moment.

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