Support for pkg_*

John Marino at
Tue Feb 25 22:27:58 UTC 2014

On 2/25/2014 23:08, A.J. 'Fonz' van Werven wrote:
> Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
>> Can we stop advertising the above, this is completly wrong, it hides the
>> dust behind the carpet and won't fix anything!
>> The said port is needed a fix.
> Granted: it's not staging itself that is the problem, it's incorrect usage
> thereof. But anyone possessing even the tiniest trace amount of realism
> will have to concede that port maintainers do occasionally get it wrong.
> And when they do the errors as reported by the OP are a tell-tale symptom.

No one should have a problem conceding that.  The issue is that it seems
that many ports are staged without checking in redports / poudriere or

I was even guilty of this the other day.   I was on the road and I
created two new ports that easily passed with DEVELOPER_MODE.  Neither
built in clean environment though and I got rewarded with pkg-fallout

A lot of stuff gets committed that it's clear was never remotely tested,
not even with portlint.  But don't blame the tools -- the port needs to
be fixed.  I agree that we should never advise "NO_STAGE=yes", ever.  If
the port is broken, so be it.  PR, patch, normal process.

There's been a lot of understandable grumbling due to growing pains of
major infrastructure changes by users, so telling users to revert these
changes isn't a good look.  Let's just try to get the port fixed in a
reasonable timeframe (e.g. get the guy that broke it to take care of it).


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