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A.J. 'Fonz' van Werven freebsd at
Tue Feb 25 22:08:48 UTC 2014

Baptiste Daroussin wrote:

> Can we stop advertising the above, this is completly wrong, it hides the
> dust behind the carpet and won't fix anything!
> The said port is needed a fix.

Granted: it's not staging itself that is the problem, it's incorrect usage
thereof. But anyone possessing even the tiniest trace amount of realism
will have to concede that port maintainers do occasionally get it wrong.
And when they do the errors as reported by the OP are a tell-tale symptom.

Indeed: disabling/avoiding staging doesn't fix the actual problem, but it
does usually mitigate the symptom(s) and could in such cases be used as a
temporary workaround for those who - for whatever reason - are disinclined
to wait for the port to get fixed.

I'd even go as far as to say that disabling staging can be used as a
diagnostic tool: if a port that (supposedly) supports staging doesn't
install properly, but does so with staging disabled, it's a pretty safe
bet that the maintainer didn't get the staging bit entirely correct. Of
course it would then be a good idea to notify said port maintainer (and
submitting patches if at all possible), but in this particular case we
didn't even get there.

Or to put it another way: I did not mean to suggest that there's something
wrong with your precious baby. In fact, I'm actually rather fond of her.
However, it appears that not everybody is holding her properly yet ;-)


I'm not completely useless, I can be used as a bad example.
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