patch for ports/graphics/libgphoto2

Matthias Apitz guru at
Sat Feb 22 20:17:20 UTC 2014

El día Sunday, February 23, 2014 a las 12:02:24AM +0400, Ruslan Makhmatkhanov escribió:

> As far I understand from the libgphoto2 mailing list, the patch you 
> attached is against version 2.4.14, while we have in ports tree. 
> Does this version actually needs this patch and did you tried your cam 
> with current port version?

I've checked SVN. We have 2.5.3 since January, 17 2014. My ports tree is
of October, 1st. And the patch is againts the 2.4.14 which was the
actual version at this time.

(If one has to compile KDE 4.x and distribute the resulting 1200
packages to a bunch of laptops and netbooks, you can not do this any
day. That's why I stay for the moment with October 2013. So just ignore
the patch and my mail.)

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