could somebody please close ports/185614?

Ruslan Makhmatkhanov cvs-src at
Thu Feb 20 15:06:38 UTC 2014


Christopher J. Ruwe wrote on 20.02.2014 18:45:
> 1) Could somebody with a commit bit please close ports/185614
>     ( The issue I
>     reported has gone away (or never was a real problem, I do not
>     know).

Done, thanks for updating on this.

> 2) We recently had a huge discussion about piles of old PRs sitting in
>     GNATS and  gathering dust.
>     Would it be possible to grant reporters commit rights to "their" PR
>     so that they could close the report themselves (and document why,
>     of course)? As a reporter, I think it is my responsibility to
>     accompany "my" PR over it's life. At this moment, PR reporters
>     abilities are restricted to pestering freebsd-ports@, encouraging a
>     more active role would not hurt, wouldn't it?
> Cheers and thanks,

I believe not with GNATS. But such a feature is available in bugzilla, 
that will replace our GNATS in future. In bugzilla user may mark his 
ticket as resolved at least.


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