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Tue Feb 18 13:21:10 UTC 2014

Gentlepeople -

I am trying to work with Strongswan on a freshly installed FreeBSD 10 machine (vm) and it turns out, that a few fundamental things do not appear to work - regardless, if I compile the port myself or install binary package.

Namely the part, where Strongswan attempts to insert routes into the kernel by means of PF_ROUTE does not work at all. Tracing the call/message seems to reveal wrong parameterization of the arguments. Since this is a fundamental function I wonder, if anyone ever got this code to work or is everyone still using up-/down-scripts and never bothered about this?! 

So before I dig deeper into this: Has anyone else spotted this before or is even "working" on it?

Please excuse my "email-attack". I'm new to the FreeBSD family and still need to familiarize myself with the procedures.



PS: Also: tcpdumping enc0 does not produce anything. Known/unknown? (Yes, I read the enc(4) man-page :-) 

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