PATCH: Re: graphics/rawtherapee: r342622 crashes on HEAD

Matthias Andree mandree at
Mon Feb 10 22:24:08 UTC 2014

Am 10.02.2014 18:08, schrieb Erich Dollansky:

> it depends obviously on factors we do not really know. I also have had
> a working rawtherapee a few weeks ago. Just the last update of the
> ports tree killed it again.


thanks to Waitman who debugged things over the weekend, we have a prime
suspect, and that's an insufficient iconv() set on FreeBSD 10 and newer
that for some users makes glib20 and glibmm together throw an exception
when asked to convert UTF-8 to wchar_t that Rawtherapee does not catch
nor report.  We may also have a solution, which I am asking you to test.

*Can everyone who has rawtherapee crash on FreeBSD 10 or 11 please:*

1. download Koop's patch to glib20 from

2. apply the patch, build and install glib20 with the patch

3. try *and report* if that fixes the rawtherapee crashes?


Best regards

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