security/luasec needs bump to 0.5 - but there's no direct maintainer?

John Marino at
Fri Feb 7 15:39:05 UTC 2014

On 2/7/2014 16:32, Benjamin Podszun wrote:
> On Friday, February 7, 2014 2:55:48 PM CEST, John Marino wrote:
>> On 2/7/2014 14:43, Benjamin Podszun wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> Change of mail address, new thread with a decent title (previously:
>>> prosody update, which is sort of independent as far as I've confirmed so
>>> far).
>>> With the attached patch luasec-0.5 builds & installs fine in my
>>  ...
>> Hi Ben,
>> One approach is to submit this patch as a PR but add a change to make
>> the yourself the maintainer!  Then you're coming from a position of
>> authority that the port needs bumping.  :)
> Thanks. I submitted ports/186533 just now. I hope the discussion will
> continue over there. Given that you're one of the guys with the
> tag: So what are the next steps? Someone's hopefully going
> to chime in, look into that PR and (if it seems acceptable) commits that
> patch? Just works™ from here on?

There's a pretty big backlog right now for various reasons, but yes, in
general that's how it works.  Somebody should claim the PR, review it,
if necessary either correct it or send it back for fixes, and finally
commit it.  If a perfect patch is submitted, the submitter doesn't need
to do anything else.

The hump is getting it claimed.  Sometimes it happens quickly, other
times it takes months.  Sometimes, after it's been sitting there a few
weeks, a public cry for help gets some committer to take pity and claim
it.  There's no queue or fairness involved unfortunately.

>> seriously, why not?
> While I offered to adopt the port in the PR, the answer to that one is
> easy:
> I'm running a FreeBSD machine for less than 24h so far (if we ignore
> playing with it > 6-8 years ago) and I'm not sure if I should change a
> maintainer field _just yet_.. ;)

Fair enough.  :)


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