FreeBSD Port: prosody-0.8.2

David Thiel lx at
Thu Feb 6 20:05:20 UTC 2014

On 02/06, Benjamin Podszun wrote:
> Maybe I can help with that - since I plan to migrate/relocate and
> that's a core part of what I need here (which is why I'm diving into
> ports about 30min after my first FreeBSD installation in years). So -
> one tester, ready to help out. ;-)


> Luasocket: Well, can you explain what you mean? Are you talking about
> luasec including luasocket (and again, in a prerelease 3.x version)? If you
> could tell me a bit more I'd be happy to invest some time/give it a go.

Ugh, I forgot about this part of the mess. So, Prosody says that
Luasocket 2 is "required", but the new Luasec includes luasocket 3. Do
we update the Luasocket port to 3, hosted on its new GitHub repo? Does
this mean that the updated Luasec and luasocket ports would actually
conflict with each other? If you know or can find those answers, that'd
be useful.

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