[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] Time to bid farewell to the old pkg_ tools

Waitman Gobble uzimac at da3m0n8t3r.com
Thu Feb 6 14:51:57 UTC 2014

On Thu, February 6, 2014 4:27 am, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> Michel Talon wrote:
>>> ports/ is not just for package addicts.  I never install packages, but
>>> only build & install from ports/.  sqlite junk obstructs /var/db/pkg
>>> being accessed by find & grep to debug breaking ports =
>> builds.
>> As someone who has advocated the use of sqlite to replace the old =
>> "database in the filesystem"
>> several years before it has been implemented by the new package system,
>> =
>> i can only conclude, like Matthew that you are being absurd.
> Personal inuendo does not impress.
>> The old package system was total =
>> crap,
> local.sqlite is also crap, breaks decades of accessibility by find & grep
>  & other text pipe / search tools.
>> incredibly slow and using system resources in absurd ways. Sqlite
>> obstructs nothing,
> False. local.sqlite obstructs inspection by find & grep & text search
> tools.
>> you = have to spend a couple of minutes learning the basic SQL queries,
>> which is no more difficult that learning = obtuse find and grep options.
> Package addicts were so myopic they ignored some people won't even
> use packages, just /usr/ports & make.  local.sqlite was immaturely shoved
> in without documenting it, no "man 5 local.sqlite" no hook there for the
> "couple of minutes learning" you assert, (no hook to believe
> the "couple" you assert).

That's a good point, having the sqlite structures documented would be
nice. I'll research to see what already exists, if nothing I'll put
together some documentation in the next few days.

I normally build from source, however I'm currently 'on the road' and
wanted to update a laptop which has not been touched in about one year.
Updating to 11.0-CURRENT was no problem, however converting the system to
pkgng then trying to 'pkg upgrade' all the packages caused some headaches
for me.. in the end it was _much_ easier to wipe /usr/local and
/var/db/pkg and install everything fresh using pkg. Perhaps 'sounds scary'
but not really. User settings/configuration is mostly in ~/ ... Doing it
that way went very smooth and very quick. Overall I prefer pkgng to the
previous pkg system. And storing information in sqlite database seems
smart to me. I think maybe sqlite is used with yellowdog, but i've not
looked hard at the inner mechanics of that system.

I see your point about grep, I suppose grep doesn't work so well with
sqlite databases.

# grep fun local.sqlite
Binary file local.sqlite matches

The most painful trouble I've had with (any) package systems:

r) a major upgrade to libraries which are dependencies in (many) other
packages, ie png.

s) introducing foreign software: building custom/or self-written/or
'manual' software into the same space as the packaged software (ie,

t) updating a machine which has been 'neglected' for and extended period.

pkgng is the most 'intuitive' and uncomplicated package system i've seen,
i'm happy that so much effort has gone into creating a great product.

>> Moreover i have hard time believing one needs to dissect the package =
>> system (beyond reading the=20 output of pkg info) to debug a port build.
>> One surely needs some =
> ports/ is not just a plaything for package script addicts. Some use ports/
> to make & debug exclusively from sources.

Waitman Gobble
San Jose California USA

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