[FreeBSD-Ports-Announce] Time to bid farewell to the old pkg_ tools

John Marino freebsd.contact at marino.st
Thu Feb 6 13:00:29 UTC 2014

On 2/6/2014 13:27, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> Michel Talon wrote:
>> 	charset=us-ascii
> Junk mail format, not impressed. Use Ascii

This is petty.

>> i can only conclude, like
>> Matthew that you are being absurd. 
> Personal inuendo does not impress.

While you may take this as an unnecessary attack, it doesn't mean that
it's not true.  In reality, I don't know how else I would describe your
POV in a nicer way.  Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but you
aren't free to be criticized for the one you publicly have.

> False. local.sqlite obstructs inspection by find & grep & text search tools.

And several people said this was not something they ever had to do with
years of experience.  It also matches my experience.  And the solution
is swap out "grep" for "pkg query".  This looks like a "red herring" to me.

> Package addicts were so myopic they ignored some people won't even
> use packages, just /usr/ports & make.  local.sqlite was immaturely
> shoved in without documenting it, no "man 5 local.sqlite" no hook
> there for the "couple of minutes learning" you assert, (no hook to believe
> the "couple" you assert).

hmm?  I'm not following this.  You aren't supposed to interact with the
db directly, but though pkg queries.

>> Moreover i have hard time believing one needs to dissect the package =
>> system (beyond reading the=20
>> output of pkg info) to debug a port build. One surely needs some =
> ports/ is not just a plaything for package script addicts.
> Some use ports/ to make & debug exclusively from sources.

That doesn't require /var/db/ports though.

>> --Apple-Mail=_16E0BC5A-FE3D-444D-8437-47827626590A
>> Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
> Send no junk !


>> class=3D"Apple-interchange-newline">
> 50 lines un-necessary.

I didn't even see it. Either the mail list stripped it out or the mail
client (thunderbird) obscured it.


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