Has NO_MANCOMPRESS been silently depreciated?

N.J. Mann njm at njm.me.uk
Thu Feb 6 13:38:42 UTC 2014

In message <52F388EE.30609 at marino.st>,
	John Marino (freebsd.contact at marino.st) wrote:
> On 2/6/2014 13:54, N.J. Mann wrote:
> > For many years I have set NO_MANCOMPRESS (and before that NOMANCOMPRESS)
> > in /etc/make.conf on all my machines.  In the last few weeks I have
> > noticed that this setting is being ignored by port updates.  Has this
> > setting been silently depreciated?
> > 
> You have been setting it in make.conf?


>I don't believe it was ever a user variable.

It was and still is for the base system - this machine was updated to
8-STABLE r261161 ten days ago and all base manual pages are

> Anyway, yes, it doesn't do anything on staged ports and it was "silently
> removed" because it was for port maintainers only, not users.  (subject

It _is_ a user, well administrator really, setting.  Please unremove it.


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