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Your Classic version of BT Yahoo! Mail is closing.
You need to upgrade now


The Classic version of BT Yahoo! Mail will be replaced by our new version on 1 November 2013. So it's time to upgrade, before you lose your email access.

When you upgrade your BT Yahoo! Mail
Your email service won't be affected and you'll keep all your old contacts, folders and messages. Plus you'll get:
faster email
the latest spam protection
unlimited email storage.
How you upgrade
Click on the link below and follow the instructions. You'll also need to agree to some new terms and conditions.
Upgrade BT Yahoo Mail
If your browser displays a message saying it won't support the new version of BT Yahoo! Mail, you'll need to
update your browser
(it's easy and free) then you can go on to

If you don't upgrade now
If you want to carry on getting your emails, you need to upgrade now, because the Classic version of BT Yahoo! Mail will stop working after 25 October.

Got a question?
For more information, help or to get in touch, go to

Thanks for choosing BT.
Warren Buckley
Managing Director, Customer Service

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Important things you should know
We found our new BT Yahoo! Mail is faster at opening and reading emails than the previous versions when we did our internal and external tests. Exact speed will vary depending on your internet connection, browser, computer, where you are and what else you're doing on your computer at the same time.
We're sending a separate email about the upgrade to each person who's using the Classic version of BT Yahoo! Mail (whether it's for their primary email address or a sub-account).
Please don't reply to this email ? it's been automatically generated by our computer. If you need to get in touch, please use the contact link above. To make sure emails from BT go into your inbox and not the junk folder, add
btcomms at
to your address book. BT own all '@
' addresses, but they're operated by planning-inc (an approved BT supplier). We sent this email to you at
derekbrawlings at
because you subscribe to a BT service.
© British Telecommunications plc 2013. We're registered in England at 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ (company number 1800000). All this information was correct on the date we sent this email. See our
terms and conditions

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