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On Mon, 14 Oct 2013, Mark Felder wrote something like:

> Do I understand this situation correctly:
> Users are having issues with building/installing packages with STAGEDIR
> enabled in lightweight jails that use symlinks to share parts of the
> base system between many jails to make it easier to upgrade the jails
> and avoid duplication/wasted disk space? It seems that the handbook and
> ezjails may both replicate this behavior.
> If this is correct, the only workaround may be for you to use a private
> package repository constructed by poudriere and to not actually build
> your packages within the jails you intend to use them in. The types of
> jails you are using are certainly a supported method for running jails,
> but I can see the severe limitations it imposes on the newer package
> building method which is designed to ensure packages are built as
> accurately and reliably as possible. Maybe bapt & co can find a
> workaround for this, but this does sound like an edge case. 

So it is my buissness to install pkg for all my users then? 
Or: If I'm using a Jail to test a bit of software I have to build them in the main system?

The problem is that this stagedir thing (or at least pkg_create) misinterprets Symlinks. That is, in my opinion, a bug not a feature!

> Please keep in mind that there are some growing pains as the ports team
> attempts to mature packages on FreeBSD so we can one day go from 90%
> users build from ports and only 10% using packages to a reality where
> 90% of the users are able to use packages and only 10% have to build
> from ports.
> I should note that I successfully run these types of jails but I run
> poudriere from the host to have private package repositories. It makes
> it very easy to pop into a jail and run "pkg upgrade" and instantly the
> jail is updated and I can restart services or quickly restart the entire
> jail.
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