poudriere and networking

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 06:52:38 UTC 2013

I had exactly same issue with JBoss. Since build was made by maven - which
downloads required files to local cache dir I had to:
- Create clean dir with all downloaded
- make archive with all files, add it to port.
- specify to maven build that all files in WRKDIR somewhere, so maven not
download anything.

There's no other way currently, since accessing internet while building
treated as incorrect behavior of port and are not tolerated.
Maybe this will help you find solution.

2013/10/11 Kimo Rosenbaum <kimor79 at yahoo.com>

> Hello,
> I'm running poudriere-devel- on 9.1-RELEASE. I'm trying to
> build a private port which requires downloading files after the extract
> target. However, it seems as though networking isn't available after
> post-fetch. I do have RESOLV_CONF set in poudriere.conf and cat'ing
> /etc/resolv.conf in post-patch shows the correct contents. The build is
> able to run the fetch but once past post-fetch I can't do any DNS lookups
> nor ping anything external. The host itself can do those things. Also when
> I enter the jail via jexec I can perform those things.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Kimo
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