10.0-hosted tinderbox: 8.4 builds broken?

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at nsu.ru
Wed Oct 9 11:10:07 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I've started to observe the following error when trying to tinderbuild
(freshly cvs up'ed from marcuscom.com) a port for -b 8.4:

  add_pkg pkg-1.1.4_7.tbz
  adding dependencies
  pkg_add pkg-1.1.4_7.tbz
  The package management tool is not yet installed on your system.
  Do you want to fetch and install it now? [y/N]: tar: Error opening
archive: Failed to open 'pkg-1.1.4_7.tbz'
  /buildscript: ./pkg-static: not found
  error in dependency pkg-1.1.4_7.tbz, exiting

In fact, pkg-1.1.4_7.txz *is* generated for 8.4, but extensions are
different (.txz vs. .tbz).

Why does it happen?  I was under impression that 8.x will never switch to
pkgng.  Am I doing something wrong, or need to configure my tindy somehow?


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