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On 2013-Oct-04 16:45:34 -0500, Paul Schmehl <pschmehl_lists at> wrote:
>From my reading it appears that one of the goals of STAGE is to allow users 
>to build and install ports under their UID.  Are the perms in /usr/ports 

I hope not.  There's nothing wrong with the current permissions.

>In testing the port that I'm working on, I find that I do not have rights 
>to write to /usr/ports/distfiles and I do not have rights to write to 
>${WORKDIR}.  That pretty much precludes building the port unless your root. 
>No surprise there since the files in /usr/ports are owned by root:wheel.

I've built ports as non-root, with a read-mostly /usr/ports for many
years.  All you need to do is override the defaults:

Alternatively, I "chmod 1777 /usr/ports/distfiles" to allow a common
ports tree to be shared amongst multiple systems.  And you can also
use symlinks.

Peter Jeremy
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